Upholstered Barstool Tutorial

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Materials we used:

Hides used for upholstery – we used tan colored Goucho Whole Hides from Tandy Leather

Leather Scissors (from Tandy)

Leather Marking Pen (from Tandy)

Staple Gun

Flat head screwdriver


Clips to hold your leather together

Sewing Machine or Needles/thread

Our Process

Since we had some leftover hide from making a leather bean bag chair, we decided to upholster our kitchen stools that needed a makeover!

First we flipped our stool over to take off the seat. We had 4 screws holding the seat that we had to unscrew.

Then we removed the seat!

We used a flathead screwdriver to loosen the staples.

Then we used pliers to pull the staples off.

It took a while but we were able to remove all the staples and remove the existing fabric. 

We measured the fabric to determine the dimensions. We cut out a 17” diameter circle and a strip that was 48”x3”. You’ll want to measure yours since not all stools have the same dimensions!

We clipped the pieces together to make it easier to sew.

Then we sewed it!

We learned how to use a staple gun and stapled the leather onto the cushion. 

Last step was to screw the seat back on to the base!

We love the new look of our stool!

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